India and Nepal in 10 Frames

1. My first breakfast meal in India. I loved the grilled veggie and cottage cheese cubes.


2. We went up a hill in Jaipur via these elephants. They were enormous! We were told that they would start their day really, like at 7am, and by 12nn, they’d go home to rest. You could see them walking along with cars, motorcycles, and practically everyone else along the road.


3. The first time I saw the Taj, I was speechless. It reminded me of kingdoms where people and animals live in peace and of the movie A Little Princess.


4. They were not lying when they said India was all about colors, spices, and details (!!!). Intricate designs are everywhere – shoes, walls, ceilings, textiles, skin, etc. You wouldn’t run out of sources of inspiration when you’re in India.


5. This little Indian girl was telling me something I didn’t understand. I guess it was something about her teeth?

India and Nepal

6. Now, we go to Nepal. It’s people were as accommodating to foreigners as we are.


7. We went to a small touristy town on top of a hill – their version of Baguio. On our way up this town, I ate a very delicious chicken meal. Later on, I would find out it wasn’t prepared well and spend the majority of the week in outhouses :s

India and Nepal

8. This is how a typical Nepali meal looks like. It’s composed of rice, curry, veggies, dal (lentil soup), yoghurt, and veggie chips. This photo was taken when we were in Bhaktapur.

India and Nepal

9. With three of the Holy High Men we saw in Kathmandu. They thought I was a Nepali.


10. A small portion of the old market in Kathmandu had a vast collection of clay products. I liked the way they arranged their pots, drinking bowls, and vases.

These small bowls are used for a local alcoholic drink.

India and Nepal


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