India and Nepal in 10 Frames

1. My first breakfast meal in India. I loved the grilled veggie and cottage cheese cubes. 2. We went up a hill in Jaipur via these elephants. They were enormous! We were told that they would start their day really, like at 7am, and by 12nn, they’d go home to rest. You could see them […]

Commissioned Wedding Ring Stoneware Plate

I made this stoneware plate especially for Melody’s wedding. She has requested for a pastel-colored ring plate, which goes well with the off white color of the clay. The bride and groom’s initials were stamped before the first firing. I can’t wait to go back to the mountains to get the pots and drinking bowls […]

December Stoneware Plate Collection

Though I got to choose the colors when I was glazing these plates, I didn’t know how they would turn out after getting fired in the kiln twice. I wasn’t even sure if they would survive. After several days of waiting, my December Plates are finally here, earthen and thankful :) PS The blue and teal+white plates […]

IamMeg.Ph features handmade accessories and whatnot

  Wyatt Ong, the online editor of, went to the art fair last weekend at 10a Alabama. In this article, she talks about her unique finds – handmade accessories and trinkets  – made by 10a Alabamers. I am so happy when I found out that my stoneware platitos are on her list! Thank you, […]