India and Nepal in 10 Frames

1. My first breakfast meal in India. I loved the grilled veggie and cottage cheese cubes. 2. We went up a hill in Jaipur via these elephants. They were enormous! We were told that they would start their day really, like at 7am, and by 12nn, they’d go home to rest. You could see them […]

The Beach has to wait

Ice candy festival, anyone? I’m surprised how I can now (somehow) tolerate the unforgiving heat. Instead of getting irritable, I just ask for ice candy. I think that the more you complain about the heat, the more it becomes real. I’ll be going to the mountains to escape summer and attend to a personal project […]

Walk and Train

I’m back from a long weekend in Singapore. It was pretty amazing going around independent coffee, tea, arts and crafts, and book shops in the city! Thanks to their efficient metro system, I was able to visit almost all the places I wanted to and the ones recommended by Jam. When I was there last […]

Just Got Back!

That was a weekend full of blessings! I tasted the best coffee ever, met very positive and passionate people, ate the freshest vegetables, laughed out loud with loved ones and new friends, planted coffee seedlings, created necklaces, and bathed in the cold rain :)   I can’t sleep because I keep on replaying in my […]