India and Nepal in 10 Frames

1. My first breakfast meal in India. I loved the grilled veggie and cottage cheese cubes. 2. We went up a hill in Jaipur via these elephants. They were enormous! We were told that they would start their day really, like at 7am, and by 12nn, they’d go home to rest. You could see them […]

Some Things, May

1. I met a boy who loves washi tapes! He even brought his own collection and joined his mom and sister at one of Hey Kessy’s Washi + Papercutting workshops.  This is something cool for me because it’s something which somehow proves to show that crafting and making is for everyone and shouldn’t be demoted […]

Some Things, February

1. April was here last week! Alessa, Airees, and I met up with her at Stella – that restaurant which serves the best, un-boring salad ever! I can’t remember the name but it has bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and greens. I’m glad Alessa is vegetarian because I get to eat her share of bacon!! Hehehe! :p […]

Skateboarding x Crafts

So, what would a crafter do with a skateboard? Turn it into a Hey Kessy mini cruiser, of course! Lately, I’ve been thinking about how indoorsperson I’ve become. Totally opposite of my college lifestyle. I don’t go out the house unless I have work, meetings, and sometimes, meet-ups with friends. It also doesn’t help that […]


1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about finally finishing the second half of my thesis for my MA in French. It is about the French visual poet Guillaume Apollinaire and the adaptation of his works to modern times. To give you an idea of how his visual poetry, watch this. My output could also […]

Get One for 2013

It would be an understatement to say that the past year was crafty. I can’t thank enough the crafters, makers, and collaborators I was so lucky to have met last year through the Hey Kessy Washi Party, crafternoons, craft soirées, workshops, and 10a Alabama fairs. I wanted to give back to people, the world – […]

Plans for Saturday

Two more days and I’ll be able to meet and craft party with my fellow washi lovers :) With all the things I need to accomplish before Saturday, I seriously need extra pairs of hands. Do I have to make the garlands or the washi kits first? Or maybe the fabric cutouts need to be […]

At Pinto

I read somewhere that you can never really be too busy and that you can always ALWAYS make time for things. I agree. So, even when I was swamped with a lot of things – wedding invites, jewelry design, mail swap, washi party, art exhibit, art fairs, workshops, work, and Hey Kessy stuff – I […]