10a Alabama Fair on Juy 21, Sunday

Hello fellow craft lovers! :) I will be joining the 10a Alabama Fair this coming Sunday, July 21. As always, I can’t wait to reunite with my Alabama family. Most of these crafty ladies have been my friends ever since Hey Kessy started in 2011. Here are some of the things I’ll be selling: 1.       […]

Some Things, February

1. April was here last week! Alessa, Airees, and I met up with her at Stella – that restaurant which serves the best, un-boring salad ever! I can’t remember the name but it has bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and greens. I’m glad Alessa is vegetarian because I get to eat her share of bacon!! Hehehe! :p […]

Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop on February 16!

Do you have washi tapes but don’t know what to do with them? Join us on February 16 for another Hey Kessy Washi Jewelry Workshop! Fee: P1,000 Kit: 2 rolls of Hey Kessy Washi Tape, pendant base, twines, charms, sealant, necklace chain, string/yarn, and a storage box for washi tapes that you can also decorate […]

Christmas Breakfast

We had a very quiet and simple Christmas breakfast. One thing’s for sure: no matter how beautiful “bread with butter” looks like in photographs, it’s not enough for me! I need my rice and ulam! And although I still miss how it could get so cold in the morning, especially during -ber months, back in […]