Some Seeds, Petals, and Prints

I woke up late and with a headache this morning. It was terrible and hindered me from continuing the DIY project I have been working on for the past few days now.

Anyway, remember these seeds? The pack contains more than 20 seeds and I don’t have enough space for them all. I figured there are kindred spirits who would be willing to adopt some of them.

If that’s you, all you need to do is send me an email at It wouldn’t hurt if you like Hey Kessy on FB as well ;) I’m also going to throw in a poster from a previous Frankie Mag issue, some dried petals, and a rubbercut print I’ve made in the package.



Only one recipient will be chosen on Friday :)


Brass + Silver Jewelry Workshop on August 4! :)

Join me and Alessa on August 4, Sunday, for an afternoon of bespoke jewelry making! I will teach you how to make your own brasslets and brass rings, and Alessa will guide you how to use silver clay to make jewelry pieces.

Brass + Silver Jewelry Workshop

Here are some of the brass rings I made and engraved:


And these are the silver pendants I made for Christmas last year, when I attended Alessa’s first Silver Clay Workshop:

Silver Charms and Pendants

The fee is P3500, inclusive of a brass jewelry making pack,  a 7g pack of silver clay, one (1) silver chain necklace, mini jewelry box, and afternoon snacks.

You can register here! :)

Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry on July 13 :)

Mikko and I will have a Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry Workshop this coming Saturday, July 13, from 2-5PM. It will be held at Cordillera Coffee, Xavierville.

Washi + Patterned Paper Jewelry Workshop

Everything you need like washi tape, jewelry findings, patterned paper, sealant, etc., will be provided. Yummy snacks will also be served :) Aside from your basic kits, you will also get a washi kit organizer and a special craft kit from I Try DIY for f r e e !!

During the workshop, we will guide you how to make jewelry pieces like these:

Workshop on July 13


Workshop on July 13

Only 1 slot left!  Register here :)

Feature: Yummy Magazine, July 2013 Issue

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

Yummy Magazine, July 2013 Issue

Yummy Magazine, July 2013

This is, by far, one of my most favorite write-ups on my stoneware plates. I like how all the important experiences that have shaped me into a potter have been beautifully put into words – there’s my solo trip to Sagada for the whole of last summer to focus on wheel throwing;  my travel back home by public bus with 4 kilos of Sagada clay in tow;  and the group exhibit at Pinto Gallery I joined last December for which I will forever be thankful to my good friends, Iona and Pao.  Equally important is the mention of all my pottery teachers and several mentors  (Hi Mia Casal, auntie Sigried Bangyay, auntie Tessie Baldo, and of course mommy ♡).

Thanks Kristine and Yummy Magazine for giving me this opportunity to share my love for pottery.

Get a copy of Yummy Magazine July 2013 Issue now! :)


PS I really really like the article, I did a mini shoot!

PS We are going to have a Rubbercutting Workshop in the South this month. Email us if you are interested :)

Recent Papercuts

My favorite type of paper to cut is bond paper. It’s the right gsm that allows me to make intricate details like thin vines and petals. This time, I experimented with 115gsm (brown) and 120sm (pink) sheets of paper. With these thick sheets, I needed to replace my blade more often to get cleaner cuts though.

1. The letters and plants can now stand on their own!

Cast more spells

2. Papercut place card

Hey You

3. I just noticed an “F” was missing when I was a couple of lines away from completing the piece. Mistakes, you gotta make them.


“We have to create, it is the only thing louder than destruction.” — Andrea Gibson


PS Isa and I will hold a Papercutting + Bookbinding Workshop on July 28, Sunday. For more details, go here :)


It’s official…all my plants are now lifeless. Aside from these reasons, I think they didn’t have enough space to grow?

We have pocket gardens surround our house but they’re not really conducive to gardening because they’re too small and the neighbors can see your every move if you hang out there. They’re also the kind of gardens where one couldn’t really choose the kind of plants they can have. Those which are non-flowering normally dominate the area.

If I had it my way, I’d live in a place where the garden is as big as the house itself, or even bigger. That’s where I’d cultivate fruits and vegetables I’d harvest for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s where me and my friends can have late night picnics, craft get-togethers, etc.

This dream must wait though. For now, I’ll just romanticize and live it through the things I create :)

3rd Craft Soiree Project

Cutting Leaves

Ceramic Jewelry


Papercut, End of Feb

Moutain Routine

Stitch Camp

I finally had the guts to decide on something I had been thinking of since I came back from Sagada. That trip has definitely altered my idea of what a good life is and that there are other ways of being productive and happy. While I’m still waiting for my decision to take into effect, I can just daydream and reminisce of my long days in the Mountain Province last summer.

On a similar note, I’m happy Alessa organized an out of town field trip. Her Stitch Camp was held at GK’s Enchanted Farm in Bulacan. I didn’t know it was that vast until last Saturday.

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Photos from DMC Philippines:

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Stitch Camp

Anyhoo, these were certain things I looked forward to before the trip and was happy about when we were there:

1. Listening to the founders, volunteers, and interns talk about their dreams and plans not just for the development of the farm but of the whole country as well. I knew talking to big dreamers and innovators like them would get you fueled up on inspiration too.

2. I knew there were French interns working in the community. Hearing authentic French accent never fails to encourage me to work on my French. ;)

3. Working with thread was new to me. I had been wanting to experiment with the materials ever since but didn’t really make time  for it until this camp. We were given different types and colors of thread that we can use to make different stitches.  All the materials we needed to make thread wall art pieces, even mini guidebooks, were included  in our kits. It’s really timely because I want to learn and explore sewing  in general.

4. Isa taught me how to make friendship bracelets! I made four and gave one to my friend Ann :)

5. The province vibe relaxed and calmed me down. Plus, I got to nap in a rattan hammock or duyan.


PS The next Papercutting Workshop is on July 28. You can register here :)

Things from Late June

1. My friend Dang gave me a copy of Wander, her latest collaboration with other creatives.


2. Walked around Katip with Paul the other day. I forgot how perfect the time between 4PM and 6PM was for walks. Hopefully, in late July, I’d get to take walks like this on a regular basis.


3. I always bring washi tape wherever I go, and it really pays off! It rescued two of my favorite pairs of sandals just the other week!

Crafty Sandals

4. One of the books I’m reading right now is David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary. I was kind of bored at first, but just like with any other book, you just need to get passed the stage where the characters, their actions, and situations don’t make sense yet. After that, you’re good!

The unpredictable weather and my not having a green thumb conspired. Almost all my plants are now lifeless :( I hope this batch of Akapulco seeds I got from the Balik Bukid Fair last April will survive.


5. April, my crafter friend from Davao, came to Manila last week. Alessa and I met up with her at Pino. As expected, 99% of our  conversations  was about crafts! We are cooking up something for our crafty folks in Davao! Btw, I just booked my flights! Super excited! More details soon :)


I can’t believe we’re half done with 2013!

When it comes to reading

June is over but the rain isn’t. Here’s to saying goodbye to summer and some other things that came with it.

On another note, I’ve been trying to re-incorporate reading into my everyday life. Not only because my left brain is deteriorating by the minute and thus, has to be exercised with conscious effort,  but more importantly, I believe that  if you really want to travel and go places but don’t have the funds, you read instead.

1. I was so touched when Mikko told me  her mom bought a papercutting book for me and even sent it here from the States. Awww :) :) For sure, this book will teach me new ways and techniques of making papercuts. Thanks so much tita!


2. Everyone has a friend they turn to to remind them of things. That for me is Des. One time, she suggested I read Steve Job’s biography. Just a few pages into the book, I gather this ones for you if you’re all into making mistakes, being revolutionary, unapologetically creative and alive, brave, and hopeful.

On Reading

3. I chanced upon an article on Basquiat that was published in New York Magazine way back in 1988. You can read it here  (if only it’s possible to print it out or buy an original copy). Basquiat is…the dangerous, different kind of  Art that you kind of need and could learn from. He knew colors and used them well. I really don’t know how to put him into words so let his works speak do the talking:


More photos here. And here‘s a documentary about this artist they refer to as the Radiant Child. Graffiti meets Art at its finest.

Btw, he was SAMO.

4. Back in April, I was so thrilled I got to meet the author of the one of my favorite books ever. Miss Katrina Stuart Santiago’s “Of Love and Other Lemons” is able to deliver when it comes to verbalizing and expounding on complex emotions, feelings, and situations.


I finished reading the book earlier this year but haven’t opened it again because I kind of want to forget what it says about love, life, and women so I can read and enjoy it again just like the way I did the first time. :)

I’m in dire need of good books like this. Do you have any suggestions?


PS Photos of Basquiat’s works were stolen from Wikipedia.

PPS Mikko and I have a Paper + Washi Jewelry Workshop on July 13. To register, go here :)