Get One for 2013

It would be an understatement to say that the past year was crafty. I can’t thank enough the crafters, makers, and collaborators I was so lucky to have met last year through the Hey Kessy Washi Party, crafternoons, craft soirées, workshops, and 10a Alabama fairs. I wanted to give back to people, the world – […]

Merry Merry Mailswap Update + Craft MNL Feature

1. Thanks to the other 42 ladies who have joined Hey Kessy‘s Merry Merry Mailswap! To those who haven’t sent their Christmas Parcels yet, today is the last day of sending. Send it, send it! :) 2. Craft MNL asked me several questions about crafting, Hey Kessy Washi Tapes, and a few other things like […]

Get One for Mom Project

Two Sundays ago, I asked my brother, Ged, to come with me and scatter Get One for Mom paper heart posters in our village, Katipunan, and UP. When I came back in the evening, almost no hearts could be found! I also had a box of origami hearts, tea bags, and other paper cutouts –  […]