Papercut: Headdresses

Surprisingly, it was way more challenging photographing this papercut headdress than making it! I’m not kidding! It was pretty hard to look for a good angle because the headdress was white and too thin. I used rock paper for this piece. It’s more durable and easier to use if you’re working with intricate designs. Here […]

On Language Acquisition: Pangasinan, Ilocano, French, (and Papercutting)

It took me years to remember that, though I don’t speak it, I could understand Ilocano all along. My mom is from the north and well-versed in Pangasinan and Ilocano. I spent my childhood in her hometown and just moved to Manila come highschool. Though not so vivid, I have memories of one of my […]

Papercut Envelope and Jewelry

In hopes of getting back to giving hand-written letters to family and friends, I did this papercut envelope: Then I thought of papercutting the receivers’ names and even my messages. But that would take time and stronger dedication. It’s crazy but I really want to try it! Another papercut project I’ve made recently is this: […]