Washi-lined Envelopes, Paper Straws, and Resignation

Two weeks into my corporate freedom, I’m able to focus more on crafting and doing the projects I have long been planning for. Yes! I already resigned from work! :) I didn’t expect I’d have worries and hesitations during my last week at work. Before leaving the company I worked for two years, without a […]

Some Things, May

1. I met a boy who loves washi tapes! He even brought his own collection and joined his mom and sister at one of Hey Kessy’s Washi + Papercutting workshops.  This is something cool for me because it’s something which somehow proves to show that crafting and making is for everyone and shouldn’t be demoted […]

Weekend Calligraphy

In highschool, some teachers would refuse to check my test paper just because  they couldn’t – or refused – to understand my handwriting. Almost a decade and three calligraphy workshops after, my handwriting is back with vengeance! :p Calligraphy Crafternoon with Alessa, August 2012: with Edwina, Marc and Buds :) It was hard for me to control the pressure […]

Skateboarding x Crafts

So, what would a crafter do with a skateboard? Turn it into a Hey Kessy mini cruiser, of course! Lately, I’ve been thinking about how indoorsperson I’ve become. Totally opposite of my college lifestyle. I don’t go out the house unless I have work, meetings, and sometimes, meet-ups with friends. It also doesn’t help that […]

Elle Decor Philippines, February Issue

The other night, Arlene (of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery) texted me that the February issue of Elle Decor Philippines has been released! I was so excited to see my stoneware plates and hand-carved rubber stamps featured in one of the sections. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for 10a Alabama – a place, […]