Some Things, End of July

1. I had two large tables made. It’s true what they say that having a designated work space in your room improves productivity. 2. Mawsy and I watched Despicable Me II. The little boy was super happy – that’s an understatement by the way. He started laughing and talking really LOUD when they started showing […]


It’s official…all my plants are now lifeless. Aside from these reasons, I think they didn’t have enough space to grow? We have pocket gardens surround our house but they’re not really conducive to gardening because they’re too small and the neighbors can see your every move if you hang out there. They’re also the kind […]

When it comes to reading

June is over but the rain isn’t. Here’s to saying goodbye to summer and some other things that came with it. On another note, I’ve been trying to re-incorporate reading into my everyday life. Not only because my left brain is deteriorating by the minute and thus, has to be exercised with conscious effort,  but more […]

Ah, March

1. I hope my birthday month gives me more chances than February did. 2.  Sometimes, somewhere between self loathing and hunger, you realize that you mess up big time. Too bad you’re not a character in a book (or a movie) who has a hundred pages  (2 hours) worth of opportunities to redeem themself. I […]

Some Things, February

1. April was here last week! Alessa, Airees, and I met up with her at Stella – that restaurant which serves the best, un-boring salad ever! I can’t remember the name but it has bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and greens. I’m glad Alessa is vegetarian because I get to eat her share of bacon!! Hehehe! :p […]