S’mores for the 23rd

Christmas 2012

Wow it’s almost Christmas already!

It’s the season when everyone’s stuck in traffic, rushing to malls to buy gifts for relatives, and getting stuck in traffic again going to their 2nd or 3rd party for the night! Whew!

Last night, I decided to avoid all that. Not that I didn’t want to go to parties or see friends. I took it upon myself to babysit my brother and just stayed in watching and re-watching the two Sex and the City movies. At 11.30, mommy got home and I headed to Cantina – just a 5-minute drive from our village –  to have a few drinks with friends from UP. I believe it was good ol’ Cantina’s last day last night. It’s now closed/gone, along with all the happy, embarassing memories of yesteryears ;)

And the real point of this post is this:

S'mores for the 23rd

Today, I made s’mores. Like what I have said countless of times before, I don’t cook.

For Christmas, my friend at work, Angela, gave me a DIY S’mores kit. This morning, I opened it and prepared the ingredients inside my package. I was happily surprised because 1) I found myself excited not to take photos  but to actually eat something I had prepared and 2) I realized it was the first time I’d be using my December stoneware plates.

S'mores for the 23rd

S'mores for the 23rd

S'mores for the 23rd

S'mores for the 23rd

S'mores for the 23rd

PS I’m watching the two movies again today! ;)


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